My favorite music business resources

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the lefsetz letter

If you are looking for daily entertainment and controversial opinions in your email inbox, look no further. Bob Lefsetz is a famed music industry analyst and critic who does not hold back what-so-ever. His extremely refreshing take on the industry is both witty and intelligent. There is no one else left in the industry today like him. He works for himself and has no publisher to please, so readers are in for a real treat. He is the first to point out which areas of the music industry are failing, and his bold predictions are often spot on. Lefsetz is the man. 

CD baby presents: DIY musician newsletter

This daily email is jammed packed with helpful articles and resources. It is constantly full if fresh information such as why you should treat your band like a startup company, the power of properly planning an indie music video, how to utilize Spotify codes to get your music out there, and debunking the myths of how to get your song featured in film and television shows. They also host a yearly conference for musicians full of songwriting workshops, networking mixers, guest speakers, and free jams. This years conference is in Nashville August 25 - 27. Don't miss out!

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diy musician podcast

The CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast, founded by the music distribution site CD Baby, has changed the way up-and-coming musicians tackle the ins and outs of the ever-changing industry. The unique angle DIY takes is through the encouragement to create a network of indie musicians, entertainment lawyers, producers, promoters, bookers, etc. from all around the globe. This invaluable information emerges through general conversation and interviews.